“March is it? It’s practically April. And the clocks gone forward? You might as well have a BARBECUE as a comedy night.”
“There’s something going on there with him. I’d say drink or something. Or worse”
Those are just a few of the comments I have imagined ye saying as I’ve repeatedly messed around with the date of Inn Jokes but the world is changing around us and we have to be agile and …er. .. disrupt and stuff.
Luckily the only thing that remains consistent is the quality of the comedians who come to play at the Patriot’s Inn.
Our headliner is PJ Gallagher – movie star (The Young Offenders), TV Star (Naked Camera, Meet the Neighbours, ) and of course wonderful live comedian who has sold thousands of seats and standing space all over the country for the last decade and a half. As he’s also a breakfast show presenter on Classic Hits 4 FM so you won’t catch him with any of yer autotunes nonsense – it’ll be real deal solid riffs, a catchy chorus of punchlines and stadium filling craic from one of Ireland’s funniest best-loved comedians.

Joining PJ is another Dub, Patser Murray. Though a native of Palmerstown, he is no stranger to Dublin 8 having taken part in a number of serious crimes around here when he played the role of Paddy in Love/Hate in Series 2. His stand up comedy captures the characters he meets perfectly. After numerous great performances here at Inn Jokes before, Patser is very welcome back.

Next, making his debut is Bernard Casey – the first Kerryman to grace the Inn Jokes stage but he won’t be dancing, but who knows, they’re all at it now and it could make a difference against the Dubs in Croke Park in September. Bernard is already a viral video star with this jewel and this other gem and he’s a very funny comedian as well.

Finally also debuting is Aine Gallagher, early on in her career but we like her. She’s gigged around at the various festivals and we think she’s one to watch.

Thanks to all who came along to the recording of Colm O’Regan Wants a Word on March 5th. It was a sell-out (okay there might have been a bit of guest-list help but IT WAS A SELL OUT, OK). Two shows are safely in the can (industry parlance for recorded, not the toilet). They’ll be broadcast on RTE Radio 1 on May and June Bank Holiday Mondays unless there’s a Big Funeral or a replay of a match. Last year’s series continues to be regarded as Not Too Bad At All In Fairness as it has been nominated for a Celtic Media Award. (For Comedy, which is handy as that was the intention). Two more shows will be recorded on May 29th. More details to follow.


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