Lost In Translation

I’ve met some famous people in my time. I once stood on Declan Kidney’s toe, so I pride myself on knowng how to behave around celebrity. Despite this, even I – friend to the stars – was lost for words last Friday morning when, in Dublin airport on my way to Madrid, a small, dark-haired

It’s Time To Take The Train

It’s been some week. On Wednesday night, the ball was handled more by Thierry Henry than the child-labourer who originally stitched it. His intervention was the culmination of a passage of play where the French, in addition to caressing the ball as if it was a beautiful woman, were offside and possibly fouling Richard Dunne.

2012, sure what’s the worst that could happen?

Triskaidekaphobia – fear of the number 13 – is a common superstition. (not to be confused with Triskel-dekaphobia which is an irrational fear of Cork arts centres) High-rise buildings have no 13th floor, airplanes have no 13th row and today triskaidekaphobia reaches its height on Friday 13th a date synonymous with disaster. Today is also

It’s a Kino Magic

A new website is available in all good Internets this week – savethekino.com. The Kino is Cork’s own independent art-house cinema and the only one of its kind outside of Dublin. Last week it was on the brink of closure and a public campaign is now underway to save it. Please help if you can.