Future Shock

Colm O’Regan predicts the events and people that will make the news in 2010. January Following pressure from businesses in the Border counties who are still suffering from the exodus of shoppers to the North, the Irish government agrees to hand control of the counties of Louth, Cavan, Monaghan, Leitrim and Donegal to the UK

A Fortnight before Christmas

A fortnight before Christmas, and all through the Dáil The Opposition were purring, “just watch them crawl” The Greens were hung, as they squirmed in their chairs By a hoor of a budget, a shirt made of hairs. Fine Gael were nestled, all smug in their heads Dreaming visions of strikes, and protests for meds.

Legend Had It

With his 2010 budget, Brian Lenihan has given the strongest signal yet that he is about to go after high earners who use special reliefs to avoid paying tax. So it now looks inevitable that the government will finally tackle one of the most entrenched of special interests –  Irish mythical heroes. This is a

There Will Be Blood

These are good times to be a vampire. New Moon, the second instalment in the Twilight Saga is breaking all sorts of box office records in America and the stock of the bloodsucking undead has never been higher. The Twilight Saga is a forbidden-love story about a vampire called Edward and a human girl called