Pushing the Envelope

“Could we age it with a teabag or something so that it looks like it was posted during Victorian times from a large country house?” Somewhere in the room there is derisory laughter. A man, who had been about to hand me a Yorkie Bar, walks off in disgust mouthing the words “You’ve changed.” I

New Year’s Disillusion

A few more hours and we’re nearly there. The week that started with Blue Monday is almost over. According to a mar dhea scientific formula that looks at a number of factors, This year 18th of January – the start of the third full week of the year, is the worst day of all. I knew something was

28 Days Later

Given the sheer variety of bad weather that’s been thrown at the long suffering population in the past four weeks, we could be forgiven for wondering what we’ve done to deserve all of this. Some suspect divine retribution. But what could be making The Almighty so angry? The last time He was this vengeful, the

Snowtime Like The Present

“Whaddya want for Crimbo babe?” The annoying man asks his girlfriend via webcam. “Surprise me” she replies. Thus ran the opening dialogue in an irritating mobile phone ad campaign in the lead up to Christmas. A man uses a home-made snow machine to make a pure hames of his girlfriend’s front garden while she peers