Twignorance Was Bliss

The internet reached another notable milestone this week when I joined Twitter. The move was welcomed by industry experts who believe a rubicon has been crossed. “When someone like that joins up, we call that a tipping point.” according to a statement released by Twitter’s founder – Barry Twitter. It’s official. It’s all done on

Sweet Dreams

By now, some of you will be contemplating your sternest test – the first Friday of Lent. Those who have foregone alcohol may suffer most. Around about midday, you’ll be lost in mild reverie pondering the simple pleasures of tonight’s first cool pint sloshing down your gullet. And then your face creases in disappointment as

Valentine’s Day Mascara

St Valentine’s Day – also known as ‘THIS Sunday? I Thought It Was The Week After’– is almost upon us. It’s impossible to avoid hearing or reading about it, yet the origins of Valentine himself are still shrouded in mystery. There were apparently a number of Valentines knocking around the Greater Roman area about 1800

Surface Tension

Presumably tired of hurling weather at us from within the atmosphere, on Wednesday the Gods decided to hurl something from space. A giant fireball was seen in the night sky as a meteor streaked through Ireland’s airspace and landed somewhere in the countryside. The media, perhaps glad of a break from discussing that other shower