Wheel of Fortune

The email from the Editor began with the sentence “If you’re stuck for an idea for your article this week..”, [Stuck? What?! The very idea that I would have difficulty finding inspiration for an article was preposterous. Sure my idea for a piece on whether humans would eventually evolve to lose their baby toenails was

The Fame Game

I’m trying to coin a new phrase; AA-list celebrity. It means a celebrity who is so unknown that they’re even below Z-list. The origin of the phrase is a little nerdy. In Microsoft Excel, if you’ve got a really big spreadsheet with more than 26 columns, the next column after Z is AA. I’ve submitted

Under Raps

On Monday night another milestone was reached as part of Operation I Hope Nothing Goes Wrong. We sat down with the DJ and picked out the music for the wedding. It went reasonably smoothly, although a brief informal poll reveals what I had previously suspected: 100% of Irish brides-to-be, when questioned, believe that Snoop Doggy

Suggestion Box

Gráinne Seoige is on an ad these days. She looks different. She’s not at all tense like when she’s announcing the winner of the All Ireland Talent Show. There’s no ominous music as Gráinne pauses dramatically, wondering how long more the series is going to go on for. This time she’s smiling, relaxed. Is leatsa

Review of Film Festival Even Though I Attended Nothing

The Dublin Film festival goes from strength to strength and this year was no exception with over seventy five and a half films being shown in a variety of venues throughout the city. (The half comes from the fact that because short films are shorter, they only count for half a film.) A festival in