You resist it at first. It’s on TV as you walk into the room, it looks a little ridiculous so you carry on walking and do something manly, like wrestle a bear or eat a scone without any butter. But then someone sets the SkyPlus to record every episode. One night, you’re alone in the

Poor Craters

The Icelandic volcano has been seen by many as an act of God, but disturbing new evidence suggests a link to Ireland’s troubled banking industry and further highlights the scandal of Ireland’s financial fall from grace. It has now been revealed that Eyjafjallajokul  [pronounced Ice-land-ic Vol-can-oh] was in fact owned jointly by Irish Nationwide and

Basking Mad

As last week’s mildwave fades from memory, visitors to this country may have wondered at the brief mania that gripped the nation when the sun came out. To paraphrase the Bulmer’s ad from some years back, there’s something about this time of year that makes an Irish person’s thoughts turn to broiling themselves in the


I made a bit of a blunder in an email during the week. It was nothing catastrophic – the accidental omission of the word ‘NOT’ meant that some people picked up the wrong meaning. So I had to send another email clarifying things and to …apologise. The composition of any written confession should be done

Parent Trap

The tabloids will be full of it on Sunday. Lurid headlines will attempt to add drama to the occasion to attract the public’s attention as they browse the news stands. PARENTS MEET. “We’d a grand lunch” “Chatted away fine” On Saturday, two wonderful couples will meet for the first time in a restaurant somewhere in