Well Groomed

I didn’t advertise it in these pages beforehand. It was purely for safety reasons. Given my celebrity – playing football with Paul McGrath and Someone From Fair City, exchanging pleasantries with Trappatoni’s interpreter and so on – we were afraid the ceremony would be mobbed by crowds of well-wishers. Well-wishers are all very… er …

Boot Call

In last week’s Cork News (Cork’s favourite newspaper) an article on Page 20 caught my eye. It was about TellTail. TellTail is a system whereby someone in a car can send one of 4 preset messages to a car following behind. When the driver presses a littlel fob on the inside of the car, the

Dear Diary

It was my birthday last Saturday. Don’t worry, you weren’t to know, but now that you do know… well, you’re not too late to send a pressie. Electronic funds transfer technology has never been so quick. If you like you can pretend you’re the International Monetary Fund. I’ll be Greece so you won’t be disappointed