Salon Ranger

The wife knows. She knows that there’s Someone Else. The web of deceit unwound in time-honoured fashion. There were the overheard phone-calls “Ten o’clock on Saturday? That’s fine, I’ll be there. See you” And then the coup de grace. While looking over the withdrawals from the joint account –  like a journalist with the Freedom

Inside Out

A good Irish summer is like a World Cup – it only comes along once every four years and unless you’re unemployed or a student, you only get to enjoy it in the evenings. This year they’re happening at the same time, so we are faced with a dilemma. While the temperatures soar, the World


It wasn’t always like this. There was a time when we looked forward to the Eurovision with confidence. It was the official start to the summer. Children were allowed to stay up late for The Voting as a reward for having to sit through the music. And it was educational. As a five-year-old, despite not