Daydream Believer

Some young lads have been acting the maggot on our street. Nothing too serious, just picking up some small pieces of our gravel and throwing them around the road. They’re not throwing them at our window, which leads me to suspect they’re just bored. Perhaps they’ve figured that to take a man’s gravel and throw

Ticked Off

Five gigs and five hundred miles in four days meant that last weekend was busy. Despite being busy, I didn’t feel I’d gotten anything done. The main reason for that feeling was my To Do List. I’m very good at writing To Do Lists, just not very good at turning ‘Dos’ into ‘Dids’. The problem


A new TV show started on RTE this week. Take On the Takeaway is a series in which a top chef competes with a takeaway to make the same dish with healthier ingredients. This is probably as close as the national broadcaster comes to admitting that as far as they are concerned, summer TV should

Room for Improvement

As we go through the third summer of the recession, optimism can be a precious commodity. But there is still one place where hope exists, where confidence and can-do attitude permeate the air – the home improvement store. Walk through the doors of your local B&Q and suddenly you are in a world where everything

Home And Away

You can tell they’re getting excited. There’s a bit of messing and giddiness. Some are absent already. It’s harder to maintain discipline. Yes, the Dáil is approaching its Summer recess. They had their annual School Play a couple of weeks ago when Fine Gael put on a production of Julius Caesar. They’ve a couple of