Spend, Thrift

I circled them for weeks, possibly even months. The Gravity X Jeans – black, baggy, cool with a big X written on one of the back pockets. These were the same back pockets that were way down the legs so that I would be able to retrieve something from them – even while sitting down.

Roasted and Salted

The excitement in the car is building. Are we there yet? You betcha. The seaside is near and the signs are unmistakeable. There is the salty taste in the breeze. Trees and hedges are few and far between, and, judging by the way the houses ‘integrate tastefully with the landscape’, so are the planning regulations.

Utterly Clutterly

It’s midday and we’re three hours into a clean out. There is a spirit of revolution in the air. Nothing is safe. Like all revolutions, the clean out was sparked by one single event. The discovery of a bundle of receipts in a sock was the tipping point. Herself: “Why are you always hoarding receipts?”