Champagne Cork

After 20 years of hurt, a monkey (I think it was a langur) has been removed from the back of a team of talented, hardworking and committed footballers. Cork’s victory last weekend was wonderful in itself, but there was also a little side bonus. For the first time in a long while, Cork football fans

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The students are back. You notice it in first in the banks. Posters with a ‘cool’ typeface go up in their windows. Among the hard-pressed landlord community, hands are rubbed in anticipation of some quick bucks. For first year students, this may be the first time they will have lived for any length of time

Poles Apart

The Friday of this year’s Electric Picnic was a beautiful day – by comparison to the Ragnarök that usually occurs at Oxegen. This led some Picnickers to conclude rather smugly that perhaps God was ever-so-slightly middle class. As we walked through the campsite, it was in theory, the perfect day to go to the poles.

School Daze

“Ooooooh they’re SOOOOOO CUUUUUUUTE” said Ireland. This was the week when thousands of small children went to Big School for the first time. Photos of little cherubs “in their little uniforms, awh” beamed out from newspapers all over the country. If you’re broody, the first-day-at-school report on the evening news can be a tipping point.