Twenty Elevenses

January Another cold snap returns following a brief thaw around Christmas. Public anger grows when a Prime Time documentary reveals that NAMA developers  are using precious salt and grit to exfoliate their wives in helicopters while ambulances full of orphans are stranded on icebergs in the Lee. February The IMF do their first quarterly review

Present Tense

This week the country defrosted long enough for everyone to start buying their Christmas presents. Unfortunately, a large percentage of those presents won’t be the right ones. Buying for children, for example, can be laden with pitfalls. You’ll often hear adults declare “sure they’ll end up getting more fun out of the box”. If you

A TD Sum

For all its faults, the Dáil is one of the most potent symbols of our sovereignty. I’m visiting it on Budget Day. I’ve never been here before; so, like Bosco going through the magic door, I’m about to see what’s on the other side. As I arrive, a number of protesters are outside banging pots

No Taste For Accounting

Budget Day – December 7th. It’s dreaded by some but for many there’s a sense that we need to hear the bad news now and put an end to the paralysis that has gripped the country. Well now on, you may be able to get a head start on this. Here, for the first