The letter begins: “Our records show..” Uh-oh. I’ve never received any letter beginning with those three words that ended well. It’s never: “Our records show that you are due a Wibbly-Wobbly-Wonder and a comic.” In this case, their records showed that my car is due for the National Car Test. The NCT is a common

You’ve Changed

It all makes sense. For years I had felt out of step with the world. Now I know why. I’m not a Taurus, I’m an Aries. Being a ram trapped in a bull’s body has meant years of anguish for me but now I can finally be myself. This week, the astrology world was turned


Wikipedia is 10 years old tomorrow. For anyone who doesn’t know what it is, and especially for those who misread the word and want it placed on some sort of register, Wikipedia is the largest online encyclopaedia in the world. Its goal is to publish the sum of all human knowledge. What a wonderfully egalitarian

There’s One Going

“How’s your cough Colm?” I’ve been home a few days for Christmas and news that I have a cough has leaked out. My mother is concerned. “Fine, fine” I say, airily, trying to sound like someone who has never had so much as a wheeze. “Are you sure?I thought I heard you coughing last night