Seal of Approval

“This fella’s going to be on YouTube” grins Jim as he tucks away his video camera. The fella in question is a seal which for the third or fourth time has heaved itself from the water, landing on top of one of the kayaks. Its intentions are not clear, though it appears not to be

Runners Up

There is a grand stretch in the evenings. This will come as a shock to some people who’ve already forgotten that this happened last year as well. The lengthening days are stirring the population from its torpor and, before any new government has a chance to introduce a Universal Jogging Charge, people are taking to


Prologue It’s general election-time in Middle Earth. In the constituency of Mordor NorthWest a keenly contested battle is taking place. With economic disaster stalking the land, even the Dark Lord Sauron who has represented the area since the beginning of time, is facing a struggle to hold onto his seat. He ponders the situation in

It’s Electifying

The next three weeks may be the most important in the recent history of the state. It’s your duty to keep yourself informed about the election process. Here is some of the terminology you will encounter and need to understand. Single Transferrable Vote: this is the mechanism by which elections in Ireland are turned into