Guest Star

As they go about their business this morning, the Blairs and the Browns may be feeling a little bit dejected. Not being invited to a wedding can be a cruel snub, even if you didn’t want to go in the first place. But they should take heart – it doesn’t look like the day is


I nearly didn’t see the email. It actually arrived a few weeks ago but Auntie Gmail tried to hide it from me. When Dr. Sylvia Denn got in touch to tell me that “United Nation Lottery And Microsoft Cooperation Management Worldwide Are Pleased To Inform You That You Are A Winner Of Our Annual MS-Word

Food For Thought

I think it was Sinead O’Connor who first said: “I could eat my dinner in a fancy restew-raw-aw-aw-aw-awnt”. And with a voucher for a swanky eaterie burning a hole in the drawer at home, so can we.. A voucher for an expensive restaurant is like one hang-gliding lesson. It leads to an enjoyable experience but

Census Sensibility

It’s a mild evening, a week before Easter in 1901. Constable Griffith Jones is at home in Cork Street in Passage West after a long day spent collecting census forms. He settles into his armchair with a cup of tea and takes a gulp. “You can’t bate a good cup of tea” he pronounces and

Words Worth

Last week the Oxford English Dictionary released their latest edition to a fanfare of lolling and omg-ing at the inclusion of some acronyms. Despite having 600,000 entries, the OED still does not describe everything that happens in our lives. Luckily I’ve been doing some thinking and have come up with an extra list – for