Family Ties

Well that was that. They’re both gone now. The Irish as a country can sit back and relax a little, have a cup of tea and say “Well I thought that went quite well.” The two visits were very different. If they were films, the Queen’s visit would be a Jane Austen adaptation starring Sir

Windsor Change

Printing deadlines can make a fool of anyone. Events have a habit of happening but let’s assume that the rest of the Queen’s visit here has been incident free. Not that there aren’t risks associated with some of her proposed ports of call. Many’s the midday visit to the Guinness Storehouse that has turned into

A Holy Show

There is a buzz in the crowd. We’re waiting for the procession to begin. Through a window I can see some of the participants lining up, ready to make their entrance. There are beeps and whirrs as cameras and iWhatsits are turned on. Hesitant dads are nudged by their wives to move around and get

Different Strokes

We’ve had a new arrival this week. We decided that at her age, we really couldn’t afford to wait any longer. Now the house is alive with the tipper-tapper of tiny feats. But I feel shut out. She spends all her time curled up with it on the sofa – her face a picture of