A Bikely Story

In my youth I was committed but I lost my faith for a number of years. Now though, with the planet in peril, I have become re-cycled. It was the 1980s Famous Five TV series that first pedalled/peddled the cycling philosophy to me. You may remember its iconic title sequence: As the soundtrack bounced along:

Written Off

The pen feels awkward. It’s as if my hand has forgotten what to do with it, like in early September, years ago, when my childish paw peeped out of a new, un-inked school uniform jumper sleeve to start off a year’s spelling or sums. How do you work this yoke again? Today, I’m not labouriously

Hard Sell

You’ve caught their attention. The version of you on your CV has convinced a prospective employer to meet you in person. Now it’s time to seal the deal; now it’s time to progress to yes. You are meeting employer face-to-face so you will need to research them. In the preceding days, see if you can

Dislike! At Whelans Sunday July 3rd

I’ll be in Whelans on Sunday 3rd of July with DISLIKE! The Facebook Guide to the Recession. Tickets only 10 euro and there’ll be special guests on the night. The show was a sell-out success at the Kilkenny Cat Laughs so get your tickets early to avoid disappointment.   Inn Jokes is back on July

Curriculum Vitality

Last week I explored the advantages of having an American cousin if you needed a job on the J1 Visa. But what if you don’t have a wealthier, better looking version of you to help out and you are looking for a job in this country – where vacancies are rarer than hen’s dentures? A