Worms Worth

“Oh don’t throw that in there – they don’t like citrus.” I pause for a second, the orange peels in my hand, thinking that they will take what they’re bloody well given. The finicky so-and-sos. If they were out in Somalia…. ‘They’ in this case are a colony of worms who’ve been living in our

Bench Pressure

It’s Tuesday night at the Aviva stadium. Aiden McGeady is dancing along the leftwing. The ball is rolling around his feet in a flurry of step-overs. He looks perfectly balanced, at one with the ball, a picture of athletic equilibrium. That is until Armenian defender Sargis Hovsepyan saunters over and gently dispossesses the willowy winger,

Naked Ambition

Not only are the gloves off, some presidential candidates have replaced them with knuckle-dusters. Although all seven are clear on one thing – that negative campaigning is bad – they all then go on to accuse each other of negative campaigning. Of course if you attempt to portray another candidate in a negative light by