Party Politics

Today the office Christmas Party season reaches its peak. You will see revellers everywhere. Shouting and talking shite during the performances at comedy clubs, ordering ‘sure why not’ side dishes in restaurants, crying and talking to the pavement while having their hair held back by a friend, fighting with another office party in a chipper.

Cold Call

“No we’d love to see ye!” Smiles. “No that’s no problem at all. Sure if you’re passing ye might as well call in.” More smiles. “Ok, bye bye!” Pause. “No honestly it’s grand. Bye Bye” Hang up phone. The smile on my wife’s face has now been replaced by a look of horror. “Tommy and

Budget Regard

It will be over soon. The kite-flying and the boat-floating. The low-hanging fruit and the hard choices being made for poor people by wealthy people. The budget is nigh. The trick for the government, therefore is to raise money from us in ways we don’t notice or don’t mind. Here are a few suggestions: Prize