Listening Post

“Well why don’t you ring them up and tell them about it. There’s no point in just talking about it. If you want I’ll ring them…” “Colm! I don’t want you to fix it. I just want you to listen to me.” I sigh with incomprehension. This is no time for listening. This is a

A dotey duo

I’ve been having great fun over the last month or so channeling people of a certain vintage through the @irishmammies and @auldlads twitter accounts. At the time of writing they have about 9,000 followers between them and hundreds more by the day. If you see them say hello!

Built Trip

The excitement is building. Literally. After a few years of moaning about a small bathroom and walking around the rooms with our ‘what-if’ faces on, we’re getting some work done to our little mid-terraced house. Unfortunately it’s not 1989, so we’re not getting cladding. That is a small pity. When I see a row of

Talk The Line

“Oh shur don’t be talking t’me…. I know… Oh I know… Compared to last year…. Oh wasn’t it terrible…………… So that’s the way now…………… Well I’ll let you go now Brid, I’m here in Penney’s. Bye now. Bye (X10)…Bye.” The woman hangs up and looks a little lost. I catch her eye and I feel

Life Coach

“Are you going to town tonight?” “I might do” “How are you getting home?” “I’ll get the late bus” “It’s gone” WHAT?! “Oh that’s gone with a good while” The late bus is no more. After four years of tightening our belts, cutting extra notches on belts to assist further tightening then finally selling our

What’s The Story – Radio Pilot for RTE

That’s me in the corner. That’s me in the spot-light, remembering Where In The World. What’s The Story is a panel show which was piloted on Radio 1 on January 3rd. You can listen back to it here. Fingers crossed it’ll get commissioned for a full series. With Simon Delaney, Ciara O’Callaghan, Paddy Courtney, Tara Flynn

The Twelve

January The markets continue to be in a bad mood following another failed EU finance summit. Political leaders struggle to reassure them and the head of the ECB Mario Draghi uses his monthy statement to openly ask what’s the matter with them. The markets reply that “It’s nothing. I don’t know, just the time of