Navel Exercises

St. Patrick’s Day – It was a day to celebrate but of course it had its darker side. As usual the authorities and various representative groups issued pleas for restraint but more often than not, it was ignored. Up and down the country, inside and outside, openly with young children present, adults took part in


“Hello? Hello JAY? Yeah. I’m in the library mate… Yeah…No I can talk. How are you?..” “Alright?” [Laughs] “Aw mate, my head is killing me… Yeah…big night.” [Laughs] I stiffen. If I had hackles they would start rising. I too am in the library, trying to concentrate on some hilarious and thought-provoking commentary on the

Just Typical

“He’s just a stereotype, He drinks his age in pints” – ‘Stereotype’ (The Specials) This week’s controversy was brought to you by Urban Outfitters. The international hipster organisation sparked fury (the only way to start a fury is apparently by sparking it) with a new line of T-Shirts with slogans like “Irish I Were Drinking”

Block and Awe

He lies there in the sink motionless. Or at least I think it’s a he. Since the beginning of time – or at least, since the beginning of sinks, Daddy Long-Legs (Latin name bigflakyspiderus) have sat in wash basins and baths, wondering what choices they made in their lives thus far to get into this