Cutting Remarks

“You might be interested in this.” Long before Browsers, Bookmarks, Favourites, spam links which said “You really should watch this” (and then sent an email to everyone in your address book of a scantily clad female), Digg or Reddit, there was The Cutting. These pieces of newspaper – photocopied or original – with the accompanying

Not As Advertised

It’s completely understandable. We’ve all done it. You’re on a skiing holiday in the Rocky Mountains in the same area where they make Coors Light. You’re with a group of lads enjoying the last few years of their kidulthood. On a jaunt to the nearest pub you come to a fork in the snowy path.

TV Winners

Contrary to the old saying, nostalgia these days is better than it ever was. This week, RTE’s TV50 began Children’s Classic month on the RTE website Player. Some of the programmes are very familiar. Misty-eyed smirking at Bosco is a relatively mature sport and there are a number of well-worn tropes: Why were the only

What is that Cat up to now?

With nearly 20,000 followers on Twitter and rising, @irishmammies is now coming to life at the Cat Laughs Comedy festival on the June Bank Holiday weekend (Saturday June 2nd ) Do you “have a son working in something to do with computers”?, “Had you to ask the young one in the shop to put the

Well Sprung

“I KNOW. And it’s STILL MARCH, like.” Has there ever been a week like this one? Warm weather and sunshine with no equivocation, with no caveat from the weather forecasters. No mentions of: “Mainly dry apart from some showers but they’re mainly confined to western and northwestern areas” (as if these areas were being held