Decisions, Decisions

Our Constitution is not an especially delicate one. We like referendums in this Ireland. We have had enough of them to spark a regular robust debate every few months on the correct plural for the word referendum. The explanation is sufficiently complex (you may find yourself saying the word ‘gerundive’) that as far as I’m

Pints Of View

“No of course – you go and watch your match ” I run my wife’s words through a ‘cross’-checker in my brain. It’s a bit like a virus checker on a computer but it scans apparently innocent sentences for signs of crossness. The error report indicates a problem with the phrase “your match” and advises

There it was and it gone

Pat. Pat . Pat. Jacket pockets? No. Trouser Pockets? No. ”Is it in the car?” “No I’ve checked the car” “Are you sure it isn’t in your pocket?” ” YES OF COURSE I’VE LOOKED IN MY POCKET. IT’S NOT A MAGIC POCKET!” As you are no doubt aware, each week this column tries to tackle

Slipped Up

Today, it’s my birthday and the postman has brought my present. I open the box without any regard to reusing the packaging. It’s exactly what I asked for: Slippers. Not just any slipper: ‘Freshfeet Suede Warm Lined Driving Moccasins with Silver Technology’ from Marks and Spencer, to be precise. I’ve always felt that I would

Disc Parking

I remember it well – the first thing I ever bought in a record shop. Closing Time by Tom Waits, his debut album. On vinyl, no less. I’d like to be able to say that this was an impulsive purchase by someone who had been a fan of Waits since a toddler but it was