Sports Report

Over the next three weeks, you will be walking past a television and find your gaze drawn idly to a host of strange looking activities. The Olympics are here and with them come some sports you won’t have seen before. You will find yourself compelled to watch and by the end, you will surprise your

Flat-Pack Denial

Breakfast is a silent meal this morning. We stare at each other as if both understanding we are replaying the same events in our mind. We didn’t get much sleep, mainly because the thing on which we were supposed to be sleeping couldn’t be slept on until it had been assembled. And during that assembly,

Second-hand Information

The deal has been done, money has changed hands and suddenly it’s gone. That’s a relief. It’s no longer there in the house reminding us of the folly of buying on impulse. Of course we sold it at a loss but we don’t mind. We are like a deleveraging Irish bank. Mistakes were made by

Particle People

They’ve found it at last. As is the case in all these situations, it was in the last place they looked. There is no comment from the Almighty on its discovery but it is believed that God is happy given that without the Higgs-Boson, there’d be no mass. Perhaps because the focus was very much

Habitual Liar

They sit side by side on the shelf, pristine. Their spines are unbroken. The pages – apart from the first few in each – are unleafed. It is likely that they will remain safe from the tea-butter-and-toast stains that afflict the Inspector Rebus novels next to them and the Hunger Games trilogy on the shelf

Euro Break-up

The dream is over. In fact not only is the dream over, it has become apparent that we had too much cheese before bedtime and consequently we had a nightmare. The omens were bad. It started while watching the Spain-Italy match. Seeing the players in that game do alien things like pass to each other,

Friendly Ire

I must apologise in advance. The latter half of this article may appear unnecessarily grouchy. Especially, because this has been one of the friendliest weeks yet to be Irish. But it’s futile to write too much about the European Championships definitively, since publishing deadlines dictate that I will not know the result of last night’s