It’s Time To Take The Train

It’s been some week. On Wednesday night, the ball was handled more by Thierry Henry than the child-labourer who originally stitched it. His intervention was the culmination of a passage of play where the French, in addition to caressing the ball as if it was a beautiful woman, were offside and possibly fouling Richard Dunne.

2012, sure what’s the worst that could happen?

Triskaidekaphobia – fear of the number 13 – is a common superstition. (not to be confused with Triskel-dekaphobia which is an irrational fear of Cork arts centres) High-rise buildings have no 13th floor, airplanes have no 13th row and today triskaidekaphobia reaches its height on Friday 13th a date synonymous with disaster. Today is also

It’s a Kino Magic

A new website is available in all good Internets this week – The Kino is Cork’s own independent art-house cinema and the only one of its kind outside of Dublin. Last week it was on the brink of closure and a public campaign is now underway to save it. Please help if you can.

The Secret Lives of GAA men

This week a Rubicon was crossed in Irish life when a high profile GAA player came out and stated openly that he was involved in an activity that is considered by some to be outside the pale, by others, with more antiquated views, to be abhorrent. Everyone says now that it was common knowledge. The

For Folk’s Sake

There comes a time in a man’s life where he says to himself: I need to learn some Irish songs. It happens to everyone. Even hard-rocker Iggy Pop will be faced with a time when a sing-song is in full swing and someone shouts out “Iggy for a song!”. At that moment, without the thumping

Changing Lanes

The new €600 million Opera Lane development opened its doors in Cork last week, taking advantage no doubt, of the moratorium on reporting of the L***** Referendum. As a talking point for Cork, it was a welcome respite for a public who were well and truly L*****ed out of their skulls. This was evidenced by

Culture, Like

Last Friday was Culture Night and Cork once again showed its appetite for culture. Events were held all over the city and it evoked the heady days of 2005 when Cork was the Eorapeen-Capla-Culchor. I would love to say I played my part in Culture Night but I did not. Instead I spent the entire

Questions and Answers

These are tough times. Paying for NAMA will force us to live on sugar sandwiches for generations; the upcoming budget is rumoured to be introducing a taxes on exasperation, muttering and raised eyebrows; our money is gone and the prevailing view is that the boom years may as well never have happened. I disagree. The