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  • Cate Posted December 29, 2014 7:20 pm

    My comment is on “In The Balance” BBC radio Dec 27/14 article on Apple freezing employees eggs. A monster of a white anglo sadist by the name of Richard Dobbs commented we have a multi-trillion underutilized workforce, called females, who are “nervous” about egg cyrogenics. WHAT does he think women DO all day?? Drink coffee and gossip? Has the invention of the washing machine left them idle?? No, Mr idiot Dobbs, they are raising CHILDREN. Wiping their bums, noses, teaching them how to be human, which your mother failed to do. Shame you lazy bastard, and you will not get away with a public flailing of the gentle sex. I was in an Edmonton after hours clinic a while back, and it was full of…..daycare babies. Both parents a working for capitalist taskmasters, and no one minding the kids. Mr Dobbs needs a public chastizement from a Marxist Feminist, who by the way NEEDS to be PAID for the rearing of re-inventing the workforce. DONT put A-holes like this on global radio unless there is a reality check. Has he read Marilyn Waring’s “If Women Mattered” for an economic wake-up? or maybe he’s on crack? Not on twitter.

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