Inn Jokes October and National Radio Award Win!

INN JOKES THIS WEEK WEDNESDAY 9.15 AT PATRIOT’S INN KILMAINHAM WITH APRES MATCH’S BARRY MURPHY, CHRIS KENT AND JULIE JAY – PLUS AWARD WIN! this close to Halloween, it’s good to think about fear. It was the American wartime president Franklyn Delano Roosevelt who first said: We have nothing to fear but fear itself. That was

MARCH INN JOKES THIS WEDNESDAY WITH SPECIAL GUEST HEADLINER PJ GALLAGHER PLUS PATRICK MURRAY, BERNARD CASEY AND AINE GALLAGHER! “March is it? It’s practically April. And the clocks gone forward? You might as well have a BARBECUE as a comedy night.” “There’s something going on there with him. I’d say drink or something. Or worse”

Inn Jokes September |An Award Nomination | Tickets | The usuals

INN JOKES SEPTEMBER 21ST WITH SPECIAL GUEST HEADLINER, JOHNNY CANDON, AIDAN GREENE ASHLEE BENTLEY PATRIOTS INN 9.15PM AND EXCITING NEWS! Hey Summer! Are you finished yet? I’ve packed and unpacked the sandals like, three times already. Which is it to be? Early indications that next week will ‘turn unsettled’ so in that atmosphere of chaos and uncertainty


We had our first baby!  Ruby That’s us in our sitting-room or a luxury hotel, I can’t remember which             There’s a new book out next year but in the meantime you can still get all your Irish Mammies signed books, teatowels, mugs bags and aprons over at  


I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be doing a couple of gigs in America this March March 10th at the Irish Arts Centre – tickets here March 11th at the Kansas City Public Library  – More details to follow March 13th at the Kansas City Irish Centre – More details to follow


It’s going to be bigger (marginally, probably an extra page or so) and better (like, not twice as good but definitely a bit better) than the first book. We’re in editing stage at the moment and here’s a sneaky-sneaky preview of the cover. ‘Xciting!

Certified – My New Show at the Cat Laughs

  You know it well, it’s the one where you’re in your pyjamas, your pen has turned into a banana, the invigilator is Alf Stewart and the whole exam is taking place in McCoys in Fair City. You can only be dreaming about one thing: The Leaving Cert. In 2011 he told the recession through

Ireland’s Got Mammies – Bitteen of a Tour

The Show Of The Book Of The Twitter Account is off on a bit of a tour. ‘Do you have a son working in something to do with computers’?, ‘Had you to ask the young one in the shop to put the credit on the phone’? Did you ‘have the pavlova’? Colm O’Regan, creator of