Inn Jokes October and National Radio Award Win!

INN JOKES THIS WEEK WEDNESDAY 9.15 AT PATRIOT’S INN KILMAINHAM WITH APRES MATCH’S BARRY MURPHY, CHRIS KENT AND JULIE JAY – PLUS AWARD WIN! this close to Halloween, it’s good to think about fear. It was the American wartime president Franklyn Delano Roosevelt who first said: We have nothing to fear but fear itself. That was

A Celtic Media Award and I need an audience!

COLM O’REGAN WANTS ANOTHER WORD – RADIO SHOW RECORDING AT THE PROJECT ARTS CENTRE AND ALSO A WIN! Hello all, This is a special intermediary newsletter. There’ll be a full one giving details of an ABSOLUTELY BUMPERTASTIC Inn Jokes on May 31st with a special guest headliner, but in the meantime … COLM O’REGAN WANTS


Bolloxology my fourth book – a book of good humoured rants about the modern world is out now in all good bookshops and on amazon here!  You can read all about it here Save Save