Inn Jokes May 31st with David O’Doherty. Plus my new video

DAVID O’DOHERTY, ELEANOR TIERNAN, JARLATH REGAN SUE COLLINS. TOMORROW NIGHT PATRIOTS INN KILMAINHAM 9.15PM Sue Collins of the Nualas, Soupy Norman, Roy; Jarlath Regan of Irishman Abroad Podcast and recently saved his brother’s life (he’ll explain); Eleanor Tiernan of Irish Pictorial Weekly, Savage Eye, one of Stewart Lee’s shows; and David O’Doherty of Conan, (O’Brien


We had our first baby!  Ruby That’s us in our sitting-room or a luxury hotel, I can’t remember which             There’s a new book out next year but in the meantime you can still get all your Irish Mammies signed books, teatowels, mugs bags and aprons over at  

Irish Mammies at Babytalk and Ballymaloe!

The Irish Mammies show is coming to babytalk festival! Babytalk is a new pregnancy and baby event with shopping, entertainment, readings, demos and talks. It’s taking place in O’Reilly Hall, UCD, Dublin on 22-23 February 2014 and the Irish Mammies show is part of the line up. Tickets start from €10 and on sale now or visit

Certified – My New Show at the Cat Laughs

  You know it well, it’s the one where you’re in your pyjamas, your pen has turned into a banana, the invigilator is Alf Stewart and the whole exam is taking place in McCoys in Fair City. You can only be dreaming about one thing: The Leaving Cert. In 2011 he told the recession through


I’m here at Auld Reekie. Comeseemashow! And here’s my Edinburgh poster! Designed by the lovely ladies at Curious Design  

Champagne Cork

After 20 years of hurt, a monkey (I think it was a langur) has been removed from the back of a team of talented, hardworking and committed footballers. Cork’s victory last weekend was wonderful in itself, but there was also a little side bonus. For the first time in a long while, Cork football fans