Hey Summer! Are you finished yet? I’ve packed and unpacked the sandals like, three times already. Which is it to be? Early indications that next week will ‘turn unsettled’ so in that atmosphere of chaos and uncertainty you need to reach for the constants in your life. Like Inn Jokes. 6 years after it first began in the Lounge of the Patriots Inn, it has since gone from strength to strength with a new stage, mike stand and one of those backdrop things. Come celebrate us hitting the big 6.0 next Wednesday night!


Our headliner is an Irish TV and Radio Star who has gigged all over the world, Five-starred the Edinburgh festival on numerous occasions and at last count had at least four  award winning TV shows under his belt. In fact he had to get a new belt. If we wrote down the review quotes for him, it’d give the game away but suffice it to see, people have gone to his shows with pens and written very glowing accounts of what they’ve seen afterwards. He’s back for another trip to Inn Jokes with another fresh, fast funny set. Good times.


Oodles of experience (at last count 20 oodles) Dubliner Johnny Candon has gigged all over the world from one place to another place far away beginning with the same letter (x 2). He supported Ricky Gervais on tour, brought shows to Edinburgh, has written for and starred on RTE, BBC and Channel 4 shows such as The Savage Eye, Weakest Link – BBC, The Sketch Show , Meet Ricky Gervais, The Stand-up Show . He’s even acted on Goodnight sweetheart and Eastenders. I can’t say for definite but I imagine in Eastenders he was involved in a tense unhappy plotline.


Fresh – well as fresh as can be expected – from his Edinburgh debut (500 days of Stammer), Greene is no longer green and is instead a seasoned pro at this stage. But he’ll be leaving his name alone. It’s just easier that way. Finalist in comedy competitions in the UK and Ireland, Aidan’s unique style combined with smart funny material makes him a great addition to any bill. Even a water charges bill with him on the end of it beneath the direct debit bit would be improved.

Finally Ashlee Bentley is a promising comedian starting out. She won the Show Me The Funny competition to appear at Electric Picnic in a tent full of 800 people. And she did very well.  We’ll see more of her!

MC is me. With some news!


  • My radio show Colm O’Regan Wants A Word has been nominated for a PPI National Radio Award and thankfully it’s in the category that resembles what the intention of the show was Comedy! Thanks to all who came to the show.
  • I’m on with Deirdre O’Kane (Noble, Moone Boy) in the SpiegelTent in Merrion Square on Monday night in Dublin. Email me for a pair of tickets. I don’t know how many I have yet so first come first served – up to a point.
  • My fourth book Bolloxology will be out next month! Probably October 13th . To win copies hand over the price to a bookseller. Partially kidding, I’ll have a competition next month!
  • I’m at the Galway Comedy Festival on October 30th. In the Kings Head Ruby Room at 1 and also in the evening. Tickets here. I’ll know more about guest list closer to the time.
  •  The Moth is on Tuesday night in the Sugar Club. I won’t be MCing but still email me for guest listiness. Tara Flynn is the MC and she’s great.
  • My latest RTE Radio 1 Drivetime diary is here – I campaign for the official designation of “A HAMES” checklist for large projects involving public money.  One more diary next week but I’ll be back a various times during the year and next Summer also.
  • Irish examiner articles are here as always.
  • My latest magic Mum daddy blog – Baby Socialising

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